About the blogger

I started this blog during grad school as a way to keep track of my own thoughts. Now, I’m a web producer at a big, fancy TV station in Tampa, Florida, so I don’t really have time for thinking.

I did the undergrad thing until they kicked me out via diploma in 2005. I spent 6-or-so years selling beer, playing around at a radio station or two, selling handbags, and hawking jewelry to shop-at-home-ers. Then I decided to cut the shit and go back to school. I finished grad school in 2013 with a degree I lovingly refer to as a master’s in social media. Because “communication and information” sounds boring as hell.

Now I have a job that pays me to play on the internet all day. Most of my time is spent writing and reading. I fill the rest with complaining, drinking coffee and editing the occasional video. When I feel the itch, I type some thoughts and post them here. Thanks for stopping by!

These are a few of my favorite things.


Tuna & Fuzz

Tuna & Fuzz