Why I’ve been a crappy blogger

So here’s the deal. I was going to do this blog as a way to grow my writing and online networking skills. I know the deal with blogging — make tons of connections in online communities of people that blog and read blogs about similar content. Follow and be followed. Write write write until your fingers fall off.

My best bud Virginia is doing this with her blog LiveLoveDIY and kicking ass. The amount of time she puts into her blog is mystifying and hers has become a “how to blog successfully” story for the ages. I want to note about Virg, her ultimate goal is to make money with her blog and she’s well on her way. So here’s where I break off and why. I don’t give a crap. I am not interested in spending lots of time on something I already know how to do and I’m not trying to make $$ here. I’ll do that when someone hires me to. Right now my role is to learn and challenge myself with new and exciting things. So all of my blogs will be much different from here forward. I’ll write a couple of times a week on subjects that strike me. Being in graduate school… not necessarily what I”m learning in classes. I’m going to write another blog post right now. It deserves its own space aside from this disclaimer.


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