Technology and frustrations that come with it

I’m broke. I need a new computer. Nothing is compatible, iCloud is cool but doesn’t do everything I want it to. Steve Jobs is a dick. I don’t care if he’s dead. Yes, I own a kazillion Apple products. Judge me. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can breathe. I’m sitting in the Scripps Convergence Lab at UT UT using a relatively new iMac. I also have my 2006 MacBook Pro attached to my iPhone 4s along side. It’s quite a set up.

You would think with all of the fancy technology this school has I would have a very easy road to shooting and editing video, (check out my cousin Rob, he’s an awesome editor and would kill me for some of the janky stuff I do with video), capturing audio, editing and managing websites, and doing graphic design. I recommend Windows Movie Maker to people on a regular basis because I took three classes for Avid and Final Cut, but still couldn’t tell you how to start. I’ve been fighting with iMovie and compatibility issues ALLLLLL DAAAAYYYYYYY. Seriously won’t import a .mov file? Really?

I realize this rant is ridiculous, but it’s where I am today. I also have a 76 comment and counting thread on Facebook from my advertising class today. I’ll edit and post (to keep my classmates safe from prosecution). My life is amazing today.

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