This is a bit unrelated to my typical subject matter, but I need to rant a little. I’m in an advertising class and our last assignment was to research a target demographic, including psycho-graphic information. If you know anything about target audience research, (not saying I do), you probably thought Simmons.

Read what says about writing research papers.

Well Simmons would be the logical choice, but apparently the UT library system is in a fight with the powers that be over paying for the Simmons data. Fantastic. Never mind that we pay astronomical tuition and fees. Okay, anyway. So I can’t use Simmons. That’s about the extent of my research other than using the Google. Maybe that’s not entirely true, but it sure feels that way when you start looking at US Census data. Whew! That’s just a ridiculous system of nonsense. Some information is in percentages. Some in real numbers. Three year averages versus single year statistics. And the only information available is hard number data. Nothing about the feelings of consumers.

So I was kinda stuck. That’s okay. Better luck next time. I am looking forward to reading some posts about researching efficiently. It’s very overwhelming for me right now. But I guess I signed up for this, right?

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