Making a list: Words in Colbert’s intro

In an attempt to avoid the real work I need to do, I’m compiling a list of words that have appeared in Colbert’s opening intro. You know the one. The eagle, the flag, Colbert flying through the air and landing in an arena that looks like Betsy Ross threw up all over it.

I’m in a parody/satire class, so I’ll play this off as research.

Here’s the list. If you have words to add, please leave me a comment or send me an email! Your comment won’t show up right away, but I will approve them asap! (Damn sapmmers).

Also, here are a couple of blogs I pulled words from and had a nice little read about the theory behind this opening:


All Beef Fearless Patriot
As Seen on Twitter Fearnix Rising Powerful
Authoritative Hang 2010 Principled
Batter-Fried High Fructose Sanctified
Bold Honorable Sanctified
Chiseled Independent Self-Evident
Confident Influential Sponsor
Constitutional International Star-Spangled
Constitutional Invisible Strong
Courageous Kingmaker Strong
Courageous National Treasure Tallish
Eleven Dark Thirty Nationalist Vill
Enlarged Originalist Worthy

I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by this, but it’s too much fun!

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