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I get sinus infections at least twice a year. It’s the curse of having allergies and a perfectly small nose that traps all the yummy bacteria which marinades and stews up into this sniffle-y, mucus-y mess inside my face. Usually, I can just hibernate in my house/apartment/living space until it goes away and not worry about it. For some reason the thought that someone else in close quarters could actually turn up sick because I don’t cover my mouth when I swing into a disgusting hacking fit escaped me. Tyler is now sick with the same plague that’s making me miserable going on 6 days now. He told me he feels like the Grim Reaper walked over his face.

Before you start to pity me, (Okay fine, pity me a little. But save some for this…), Tyler has a lot working against him on this one. I’m already sick, which means I have been milking the attention for all it’s worth. Dishes are done, garden is taken care of, dinner is cooked (or pizza is ordered), my glass is filled with juice. You get the idea. Just because he’s sick doesn’t mean my expectations have changed.

Tyler works outside most of the time. If he’s inside, there’s no AC in his building, so imagine being miserably hot and sweaty and having a fever, runny nose, and headache, all while doing physical labor. No thank you.

Finally, I may not be the most maternal egg in the basket, but I have my moments of motherly-ness. Since Tyler is a boy and refuses to go to the doctor, I am forcing 6-month-old Amoxicillin that I was prescribed for a previous and similar bacteria, down his throat so I don’t wind up having to cart him to the emergency room at 3am on a Saturday because he thinks he’s going to die.

His response to the medication? “Amoxicillin? I guess this would work if I were 12 years old.”

We’re headed off to Atlanta to celebrate our friend Megan’s completion of graduate school (YAY MEGGERS!). Here’s to the demise of the devil sinusitis and all it’s dastardly ways!

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