How to lose your mind in 10 days

I wish this were a movie I could just turn off. Unfortunately, positivity is hard to come by these days. (If you are potential employer, I love you and I am just excited to be alive! Now, stop reading and go to my website. kthanks)

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, everything stinks. The world is falling apart, which makes self-loathing all the more difficult and depressing. I have a ton of work to do and no motivation to do anything. I’ve finished my school work for my master’s (yay?), and am not just waiting for graduation. And for someone to hire me. Seriously. I have done everything I can possibly think to do within reasonable social standards. I have stalked recruiters and employees at places I want to work on Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve had more coffee dates than I can count. I have written almost 100 individual cover letters and customized my resume for every single position I’ve applied for.

And nothing. Not a peep. No interviews. Just silence broken by the occasional automated rejection email.

I won’t lie. I’ve had some great responses, met some amazing people at great companies, and feel like I’ve made a lot of progress getting my name out there to the appropriate parties. I know these things take time. I know there are tons of people graduating and lots of people applying for jobs. I KNOW! I just need to get an interview under by belt to get my confidence back because, frankly, I am in a mental fetal position.

So if you are an employer and defied my command to leave and are still reading, I’m good. I promise. I am the best at what I do (again, my website). I’m fun and enthusiastic and am really excited to work for a great company with awesome people!

Good vibes to those in Boston, West Texas, Afghanistan, Newtown, and all over the world whose problems make me want to delete this whole post and find someone to smack me in the face. I promise, my first paycheck will go to the Red Cross outfits in your areas.

My second will go to my amazing man-friend who has paid for everything I’ve done in the past two months. I’m pretty lucky. Forget everything I just said.

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