Field trips don’t end at high school

As part of my graduate program I’m required to take at least one class inside the College of Communication and Information, but outside the School of Journalism and Electronic Media. Most of my past employment has involved an element of advertising decision making, so I felt it was appropriate to take a class with that sort of focus. The goal of the class is ultimately create an advertising campaign, complete with research and recommendations, to a client of our professor’s choosing. The choice is a company called Rosette Storage Chests. As you’ll see on the linked website, a new one will be my first recommendation.

This guy is amazing. He has a background in mechanical engineering and makes many of the machines you see in the pictures that help him make these pieces. He does his own veneering and finishing. I didn’t really know much about woodworking until today and now I have a new respect for the craft.

This guy’s shop was out in the middle of nowhere. Oliver Springs, Tennessee is a tiny town near Oak Ridge. I’m not sure how our professor found this guy. I suppose it doesn’t matter. So we drive out here to see the shop and a couple of things become immediately apparent to me when we arrive.

  1. I didn’t think about the fact that 5 of the people in my class are from countries in Asia and I didn’t even offer for the car-full of them to follow me. Jerk=me.
  2. Our professor has a serious crush on the craftsman.
  3. A guy in my class named Paul is asking all of the questions and I’m probably going to make him help me with my presentation. 🙂

As he gives us a tour of his shop, I can tell the man is a truly dedicated to his work. He has a 250-ish square foot apartment attached to the shop. I would venture to guess he never leaves. He’s built this thing from the ground up and dedicated his life to it. Rightfully so. The storage chest’s are gorgeous and very well made. I’m looking very much forward to learning more about this guy and his work. Updates to come, I’m sure.

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