Dr. prescribed sleep schedule

Since I started school my sleep schedule has been completely messed up. Like sleeping till 2:30pm and going to bed at 6am-style messed up. I have class at 12:40 a couple of days a week, 2:30 on Monday, and free the other four days, (when I say free I mean up to my eyebrows in reading and researching). Beyond that, I’ve always been the kind of person that doesn’t sleep at night if I don’t have to. Staying up and getting stuff done till 4am feels totally normal for me. The hours between 5am and 11am are when I do the best dreaming. Waking up any time between those hours is so beyond painful I could cry just thinking about it.

There has to be something wrong with me. This kind of thing isn’t normal for “regular” adults. I know when I was in high school my mom wanted to drop kick me in the head if I complained about getting out of bed one more time. Now I’m all grown up and should really love getting up at 6am, working out, taking the dog for a walk and starting my day at 8am, bright and sunny! Or even if I didn’t love it, I could at least talk myself into it — nope!

So after discussing this and about 100 other scenarios with my Dr, he prescribed me a new sleep schedule. I am to stay awake and working on things till 4am and wake up at noon. Tell ya friends, tell ya family. My butt will be in bed till you’re going to lunch. And if you have an emergency at 3am on a Wednesday and don’t know who to call, I’m your girl! So don’t call me for a 9am meeting. I’ll be in dream land!

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