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About me when I was writing this blog:

This was the “about the blogger” section on LivingWithTyler.com. It’s weird to read now.

Hello. Thanks for reading the blog! My name is Margaret. I am 27-years-old. I like cats, beer, fresh fruit, and strange music. I live in Tennessee with the subject of this blog, my boyfriend Tyler.
Tyler and I dated long distance for 8 months prior to moving to my hometown of Knoxville together. When we met, I lived in Dayton, Ohio and he lived in Atlanta, Georgia.
I am aware of the massive risk I took moving in with someone I had never so much as lived in the same city with.

Tyler is aware this blog exists.

This blog stems from my need for a creative outlet to deal with some of the stress of getting used to a whole new life. I am also writing this blog for your comic relief, so enjoy!

See my first post “About Tyler” from June 7, 2010 for more about the man, the myth, the legend- DT.

About Tyler, AKA Dalton, when I was writing this blog:

This is Tyler. His first name is Dalton, but he was introduced to me by his middle name, so….

He’s 25-years-old. He has long hair and he’s about 6 feet tall. He’s a brilliant artist. He can do anything from work on cars to lay bricks. He’s a handyman extraordinaire. He likes beer, pizza, and NASCAR. Tyler is the wonderfully loving and caring daddy of a one-year-old cat whose given name is Molly. (She has many alias’s.) Tyler is the cleanest man on the planet. He loves to do dishes and laundry. There is rarely a stray hair in the bathroom sink and his closet is color coordinated, (although it’s not that hard when all your t-shirts are black). He has the most enormous DVD/BluRay collection I’ve ever seen. Batman is his childhood hero.

Tyler grew up in Florida and moved to Wyoming to go to school for custom auto body work at Wyo Tech. After a few years working after school in Wyoming, he moved to Atlanta to live with his brother and sister-in-law. With little luck on jobs, Tyler moved to Asheville, NC and then to Knoxville, TN, where he lives now.

Now that you know most of the facts about Tyler, here are some of my personal opinions and things he might try to deny.

Tyler is, first and foremost, the most handsome, loving, caring, generous, and wonderful man on earth. He is also the equivalent of a 12-year-old boy at times. We’ll get into specifics on that later. If you ask him, zombies (or the undead or whatever) will take over the world in our lifetime… hopefully. He thinks every man should own a gun to combat said zombie takeover. Tyler is incredibly talented in the ways of art. He loves to make stuff for family and friends, so if you’re lucky you’ll get a present from him.

These are just basic, mundane insights to Tyler’s life. The rest of this blog will be about my life with him.

If you’re curious to know more about me and Tyler, please see the About Me section to the right of the blog.

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