13 ways living in Ft. Sanders and going to Bonnaroo are the same

  1. Parking is ridiculous. If you have a nice car, you probably shouldn’t take it there.
  2. Police make no real contribution to any situation.
  3. There are people camped everywhere. Except in the Ft., they’re all homeless.
  4. There’s trash everywhere.
  5. The ratio of what you pay to the distance you walk to get to where you need to go is ridiculous
  6. The ratio of what you pay to the comfort of the place you stay is even more ridiculous
  7. There are drunk, high kids everywhere all the time
  8. It’s the most glorious mix of rednecks and hippies on earth
  9. No one is studying
  10. No one sleeps
  11. Noise! Lots and lots of noise!
  12. Every 50 yards is different than the last 50 yards
  13. This one is personal for me:¬†You don’t realize you’re too old to be there until you go back that one last time.

I’m sure there are 100 more I didn’t think of. Leave me comments and tell me yours!

(I’m working on a way to allow comments without having to moderate them. Spammers are crazy up in here! Until then, leave a comment and I promise I’ll approve it same-day!)

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