Graduate school professors don’t give tests. Whew. What a relief. I hate tests. Memorization has absolutely no function when it comes to whether or not I actually understand something. Everyone seems to cringe when it comes to writing papers. I love writing papers. I used to say I could bulls*&% my way through anything, but these days I’m much more confident in my ability to retain the information and actually learn something! That’s what I’m here for, right?

During my first semester, every class had a project and subsequent paper associated with it. Topics were assigned; theory, research topics, etc. This semester is when things really become fun. I get to pick my topics. Finally, I’m interested in what I’m learning and I get to learn and write about things I actually give a crap about. Woo! So here’s a list of my classes and what my projects are going to look like:

Social Media: How are audiences, listeners, viewers interacting with traditional media via social media — especially mobile?
Media Technology and Economy:  What are the financial implications of traditional media convergence to mobile applications?
Communication Law: Copyright laws surrounding traditional media convergence to web and mobile.

See a theme here? Traditional media convergence to the web and mobile technologies. Bam! And in a matter of weeks I have completely focused what was a complete floundering question just over the holiday break. I’m feeling pretty good about all of this. I’ve gotten my website up and basically running, acquired a QR code, started my blog, increased my Twitter presence… I’m starting to put all of the things I’ve been working with for years to use in my own professional life and not the life of whatever brand I’m working on.

Now that I have all of that out of the way, I can start blogging about actual stuff and not just what’s to come. My first mission is going to be copyright law. I’m probably out of bounds on this blog already in terms of citing things or linking things or whatever you’re supposed to do when you link to a site or WHATEVER. There seems like so much to know, so I better get started!

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