I think of the best things to write about when I’m about to fall asleep. That means I forget by the time I wake up.

I do think often about starting to write again, so this is the best way to do that.

I finished school almost a year ago. Crazy. I’m working at a local news affiliate. I love the work. I’m still trying to figure out the people. Most are so wonderful, it’s almost hard to describe. Unfortunately, there isn’t a middle ground between those and the other ones. You know the ones. I’m lucky to have worked with lots of “others” and am finally beyond crying myself to sleep every night after work.

Being ‘back in the workplace’ reminds me of all the things about corporate life that baffle me. Managers. Managers baffle me. How can you be the head of a department of 30+ people and not know the dynamic taking place just outside your door every. single. day. ? How are you shocked by the fact that person A and person B hate each other so much they would rather die than speak? How are you shocked by the fact that person C is so miserable in their job that they would rather die than come to work? And how are you completely unaware that everyone in the department is out to get someone else?

Legit. Everyone has someone they would love to metaphorically trip in the aisle and watch fall on their face. To the point where people actually practice mild sabotage operations in the way of mis/disinformation sharing, spreading conspiracy theories, and forming cliques that push the outsiders to tears before they can even get home to actually get in bed and cry themselves to sleep?

It happens everywhere. People are not nice. They don’t have to be at work, but it’s strange to me to spend so much time with people and devote so much effort to being not nice. I just don’t have the energy. I feel better when I’m nice.

I hope things get better. I hope I can survive a few years of the torture. I hope the miserable people truly are miserable to the point that they will move on to another place and make way for more pleasant personalities. I also hope I get a raise.

Hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first, I guess.

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