As the title of the blog suggests, I’ve been having trouble explaining what my point is in school. That is, what I’m focusing on. CONVERGENCE! How have I not really keyed in on this concept before. Tonight I actually read an assigned reading from my Media Technology/Economy class, (check out my professor’s blog), and put together the painfully obvious pieces of convergence and how it relates to what I want to do with my life.

When I think about traditional media converging with digital, I don’t know what to call it without a drawn out explanation. What that usually leads to is a look of “So you don’t really know, do you?” on people’s faces. It’s a pathetic feeling to quit a full-time job with benefits to go back to school and finance my life for a couple of years only to realize you can’t even explain what you’re going to school for. Isn’t journalism about telling stories? How can I not even tell my own?

I guess there’s not a huge revelation to this post, just wanted to finally share what I’ve been trying to explain for months now. Of course none of my friends are awake right now to call and drop this ground-breaking revelation upon. I’m sure they’ll be fine to wait until tomorrow.

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